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Boss is the Afrikaans acronym for “Bonnievale Outisme sorg sentrum”(Bonnievale autism care center).

Parents were looking for a safe haven, appropriate for the needs of young autistic adults, but very few residential facilities in the Western Cape are prepared to accept young adults on the autism spectrum.

Outdoor Time

Why Bonnievale

Bonnievale was the logical choice, since the community knew autism, through a family who lived there with their autistic son. The whole community was very supportive and keen to see this dream fulfilled. At the end of 2019, a local businessman enabled Boss to purchase the perfect property.

At Bonnievale Autism care center, residents are kept safe, occupied, and happy. Staff is trained to set up weekly programs of activities, outdoor time, vocational training, etc. We have a few chickens, cows, and sheep on the property and a St. Bernard dog, who in her turn provides playful therapy. The residents just love Bella to pieces. 

The residents help to take care of the animals. A vegetable garden and a compost heap are in the making.

Three healthy meals and snacks are provided daily. A very experienced teacher, who has worked with autistic people for many years, do continued training with the staff and she supervises the daily activities. Boss is a forever home that gives parents peace of mind, that their child will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. The property is very big (10 000m2). Further extensions are therefore possible.

While the purpose of this facility is to provide a long-term residential home, it also benefits the greater community by providing employment and community involvement. The property and future planning allows for building further homes, individual apartments, workshop facilities, and staff accommodation.

People on the ASD(Autism spectrum disorder) spectrum have very specific needs and a large institutional living is detrimental to their development.

For this reason, our vision for the Boss facility is to provide an autism-friendly hub for people on the ASD spectrum.

A solid sustainability plan is in place to ensure that this project will continue for years to come.


We currently home 8 autistic adults with 8 facilitators